AUGUST 1 — my favorite candy bar

good to eat!

I want to tell you about my favorite candy bar, the Chocolove Almonds and Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate. It’s just the best thing. It is the perfect combination of sweet / salty / crunchy / chocolate. It’s fancy enough to feel luxurious, but not so fancy that it’s prohibitively expensive or hard to find. It is exactly what I want, and honestly, the fact that my ideal anything can be purchased for less than four bucks at most grocery stores is super convenient.

I don’t really know why I chose to write about this today. I bought two of them at Target yesterday, and have already eaten most of one, because I have my period, and the world is terrible, and chocolate is good. This candy bar has been an important part of my pandemic lifestyle, but it was an important part of my pre-pandemic life as well.

If I have one complaint, it’s that the chocolate is almost too sweet. I love really good really dark chocolate, chocolate that’s so bitter that you’re satisfied with just a square. This is not that kind of chocolate. This is chocolate that you want more of. This is not actually a problem. 

The other Chocolove bars are just fine. I like them, because chocolate is good, but they’re just good chocolate, with the almond sea salt bar is exactly what I need in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. If I am trying to tell you anything here, and not just rambling on about the last thing I ate, it is this: appreciate the small things that bring you joy. Good chocolate should be a grocery staple. If you ever have to buy me a gift but aren’t sure what to get, now you know. 


this poor boy, suffering for my art


The new episode of Unraveled is great, as usual. Brian David Gilbert spent a year reading all the Halo novels, which is a ridiculous thing to do. I tried explaining Unraveled to my dad, and I said it’s about video games, which it is, but like. Not really. Video games are just an excuse to make jokes and teach us life lessons. 


We were talking about it last night, and Kazul’s favorite Dylan album is The Freewheeling Bob Dylan. Mine is usually Bringing It All Back Home, but somedays it’s Blonde On Blonde. Gus finds the whole question insulting — how could anyone assume that they have opinions about Bob Dylan? What nonsense.