AUGUST 3 — meme literacy

hit da bricks

today I am not going to explain anything, I’m just going to share a meme.

tomorrow, hopefully, I am going to sit down and explain why I adopted this meme as a life philosophy over the past few days and why I have no regrets about this decision. 



Did you know that George Lucas is a big fan of the artist George Rockwell? He is! He has a whole collection of Rockwell’s art. There’s a coffee table book full of Rockwell pieces from the collection of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. This book is an actual thing that exists! The George Lucas Talkshow has a whole collection of artifacts that they used to have as part of their stage show, and this includes two plates with Rockwell pictures: Butter Boy, and Butter Girl. Yesterday they went on a whole thing about building out the Butter Boy cinematic universe. The stream ended with them just repeating the word butter over and over. It was incredible. 


I’ve written in the past at length about my complex affection for Modern Baseball (the band, not the concept), but god. I love them. This song came on shuffle today, and I was in a bad mood from listening to other people talk, and a week of bad sleep, and this song! Exactly what I wanted to hear! Exactly what I needed to hear! It’s great to discover new things, but it’s also great to listen to the song “Two Good Things” by Modern Baseball for the 700th time. Sometimes that’s what you need.