It’s Wednesday. It’s been rainy. I do not feel like writing. One of those days where doing anything beyond just existing seems really challenging. 



I watched Batman and Robin, and it doesn’t matter that the plot is clunky and occasionally boring, there’s so much to look at. Gotham has never been so beautiful, and Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy is camp perfection. 

Also Gus and I decided to spend some time with our pal Vin and watch The Chronicles of Riddick, which was way more insane than I expected. The first Riddick movie, Pitch Black, is such small scale sci-fi horror. It happens in one place, all of the characters are set up, and then you watch them die. Chronicles operations on such a more explansive scale. There’s so much world building, and everything looks so complicated. It can’t hold together all of the threads to present an fully compelling story that makes sense, but individual sequences are cool, and there’s a lot of neat stuff to look like. I might be projecting what I know about Vin Diesel but it really feels like someone’s role playing game. I fully forgot that it wasn’t based off an existing character — this movie would make way more sense if it was the adaptation of a book series, trying to pack as much of the source material in as possible, but no, it chose to be this maximalist. It doesn’t really work, but it’s wild, a great mindless pandemic watch. 


Hit shuffle on Spotify and said the first song to come up will be the song of the day. This album was my introduction to Arcade Fire and I did not understand why people thought they were the best thing ever, and it took a really long time for me to properly come around on them as a band, but I liked this song right away.